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Golf is mine and Saranya's 2nd favourite hobby  (well maybe) and this page is all about the lighter side of  the sport.  We will be adding more anecdote's on a regular  basis

With all its rites and refinements; many believe that golf has a venerable history. But, this is far from true. It was an accident that led to the beginnings of the game.

Out on the gentle heather clad hills one memorable day a Scottish shepherd took a wild swing at a sheep with his crook. He missed. His crook cut under the fortunate beast and accidentally hit a small, round pebble which was so neatly clipped it flew in a graceful arc down the slope. the shepherd followed after and  gleefully lined up the pebble for a second swipe. “Wha hey," he cried in delight, "now let's see if I can hit some rabbits in yonder wee holey." A colleague on an adjacent hill noticed flurry of rabbit fur and leaving his flock, strolled over for a closer view conveniently taking his heavy crook with him. Of course that was the end of shepherding on that day. The game of golf was launched at 10.15 a.m., the first lie about a score was told at 11.30a.m. and at midday, the first golf joke was heard over lunch in the pub.

"My wife says that if I don't give up golf she'll leave me”,

 "Say, that's tough, old man”.

"Yeah, I'm going to miss her

I just got a brand new set of clubs for my husband."
"Oh what a good trade!

Now," said the golf pro, "suppose you just go through the  motions without driving the ball." "But that's precisely the difficulty I'm trying to overcome," said his pupil.

“Caddie master, that boy isn't even eight years old."

"Better that way sir, He probably can't count past ten.”

Man blames fate for other accidents but feels personally responsible when he makes a hole in one.

He'd sliced’ his drive and watched resignedly as the ball plummeted into the woods.

He followed after and found his ball surrounded by thick undergrowth and wedged firmly between two tree roots.

He "contemplated the situation for a few profoundly silent minutes then turned to his caddie and asked:

 "You know what shot I'm going to take here?" "Yes, sir," replied the boy as he took a hip flask of malt from the bag.